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Buildings near by explosives substances ( within a distance of 300 m) as:

  • Gas Stations
  • Gaz Distributions Center
  • Petroleum Storage Center
  • Petroleum Raffineries
  • Ammoniac Plants
  • Gaz Central
  • Airport Gaz Hub
  • Ammunition Storage
  • Sensible Buildings

can have their glasses shattered in case of explosions. This shattered glasses will fly and injure or kill people around.

Safetyshield® window film is exactly that, it provides a protective shield on windows which reduces the risk of glass breakage. Glass shards can be deadly in the event of a bomb blast causing death and injury. A single square foot of glass can break into 200 pieces.

We protect you and your building.

Watch the explosion video with untreated glass

We are available for more information or visit www.msppglobal.com .